Beer could safeguard your heart, boost your immunity, protect your bones, and more.

An ice-cold beer is not just refreshing in the summers but also warms our entire body during the cold winters. Drinking excess amounts of beer has been linked with many health problems like liver and heart problems and in some cases it is also linked with some types of cancer but consuming the moderate amounts of beer will give you many health benefits also. As beer is prepared from water, barley and yeast, it contains many trace minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for our body.

Health Benefits of Drinking Beer:

Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

Stress Reduction

Stress is a common culprit in modern times. But when you have beer around you can fight this enemy. Have a drink or two a day and you will be able to keep stress at bay.

Stronger Bones

Owing to its high silicon content, beer may be good for bone health. Silicon is found to improve bone strength and increase bone mineral density. Still, over consumption of beer will weaken the bones while increasing the risk of bone fractures. So, when drinking it be mindful of these side effects and drink it in moderation.

Lowering Cancer Risk

Being high in antioxidants and flavanoids (particularly dark beers), beer is great in lowering the risk of cancer, especially prostate cancer for men. Further, beer contains xanthohumol which is a powerful antioxidant known to have anti-cancer properties.

Reduced Risk Of Diabetes

An increasing number of people are being diagnosed with diabetes these days. If you do not want to be one of them start taking a drink or two of beer. Beer has been seen to reduce your risks of developing type two diabetes.

Reduced Diabetes Risk

Another interesting study done in 2011 found that men who drank two beers instead of one per day reduced their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 25%. It’s important to note that drinking over two beers per day showed no benefit. One reason why this might work is because drinking more alcohol increase the adiponectin inside of your body. This is a protein that is similar to hormones. It can work as an anti-inflammatory in the body and make insulin more effective.

Healthy Heart

Researches have proved that moderate consumption of beer helps reduce risks of heart attacks. Wine is often said to be the one good for the heart but beer is no less. Beer almost reduces the risks of heart diseases by a good forty two percent.

Reduced Risk of Stroke

Reduced Risk of Stroke

Reduced Risk of Stroke

Moderate amounts of beer can help prevent blood clots that reduce the flow of blood to the heart, a Harvard School of Public Health study found. Blood clots can lead to stroke, so preventing them is important for the major arteries, including the neck, heart and brain. Beer may also be able to break up blood clots so that the arteries are kept clean. When your arteries are kept clean you’ll be less likely to suffer from a stroke, which means your risk of death from a stroke also decreases.

Vitamin B

The yeast present in beer makes it rich in B vitamins. Researches have shown that beer drinkers had a significantly good level of B vitamins as compared to non-drinkers. In fact these vitamin levels were almost twice compared to wine drinkers.