Time to start considering all the delicious healthy food choices. Here are some foods you can consume this summer season

Summer Foods

Summer Foods

Summer brings sunshine, longer days, fun activities and fresh foods. Eating fresh, local, and in-season foods couldn’t be any easier than during the summertime. Time to start considering all the delicious healthy food choices. You can easily consume fresh foods during summer because there are endless fresh fruits and vegetables which help you stay hydrated and cool.

Summer is time to spend longer periods of time outdoors and celebrate the sun. During the summer season, is said that most of us burn a lot of energy therefore we have to replace that energy when you eat healthy and right. Here are some foods you can consume this summer season to stay healthy and wise.


Berries are delicious and sweet but there’s more to berries that fits the appetite. They are also a very good antioxidant which help to reduce the effects of aging. Berries will also be rich in nutritional value that help to attain a lower cholesterol level.


Watermelons are loved since they’re watery and juicy, well suited for fulfilling thirst during the hot period. If you prefer a delicious summer weight loss drink, mix pieces of melon with milk, water, and ice. Whirl inside a mixer and your ideal juice is prepared.


Mangoes, though difficult to peel, contain more beta-carotene than every other fruit, which helps to prevent cell damage leading to heart disease and stroke. Unripe mangoes could be steamed, pealed and mixed with cumin seeds and salt to make an effective remedy for heat strokes and exhaustion in summers.

Baby Beets

Beets are found in many colors such as yellow, and orange. Compared to regular beets, baby beets tend to be more tender as they need a shorter period to cook. They decrease the cholesterol level, avoid birth defects, prevent some cancers, prevent cataract, stimulate liver functions, boost energy, prevent asthma symptoms, avoid macular degeneration, reduce the risk of stroke and cure fever & constipation.


A vine-ripened tomato, plucked right out the plant, is arguably the ultimate summertime treat. And filled with vitamin C, beta carotene, and lycopene, tomatoes are nutritional powerhouses. Their versatility make them simple to incorporate into many meals.

Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods

Green Beans

Green or string beans are often found year-round at large grocery stores however the summer and early fall happens when you’ll find them at their best-crunchy and extra sweet. Rich vitamin K, C, manganese, and a good supply of beta-carotene make them an excellent addition to a summer’s meal. A simple side dish is this peas with roasted almonds.


Fruits and veggies are always a good idea, but summer cherries are especially good at promoting heart health. Because of their anti-inflammatory properties, a cherry-enriched diet helps lower body fat and cholesterol – all risk factors associated with heart disease. The reason appears to be the beta carotene vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, fiber and folate present in cherries.