During pregnancy, it's important to consume healthy snacks so that your baby is getting the right amount of nutrients. Here are some of the healthy pregnancy snacks.

During pregnancy having your healthy pregnancy snacks on time is a good choice. A diet supplemented with healthy snacks during pregnancy is important for both mothers and their babies. Throughout your pregnancy, you would hear a lot about the importance of a balanced diet and wholesome meal, which are essential for your baby’s best possible health. When you are expecting a baby, doctors advise you to stay away from alcohol, beverages and many other foods that could be unsafe for your developing foetus. However what about eating chips, french fries, and soft drinks that you yearn for during this phase? Are they good for your baby’s optimal health? They may not come with a warning when you procure the product yet you should remember that you need to limit them too.

Healthy Pregnancy Snacks:

Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

While it is important to eat healthy meals during pregnancy, morning sickness can make it difficult to eat big meals. Instead, you can try eating            healthy snacks such as these:

High Fibre Cereal

It is common knowledge that all cereals are equipped with vitamins and mineral which makes it a simple snack that provides a hell of a lot of nutrients. When you are buying cereal make sure it is high in fibre and made with whole grains. Eating cereal is better than chomping on chicken as it will help you and the baby get the required calcium. Try to top your cereals with fresh berries for vitamin c and antioxidants.


The other healthy pregnancy diet that you can opt for is fruit and yogurt smoothie. All you have to do is try whipping up your own at home using non-fat yogurt and top it up with any fruit of your choice. This is definitely a healthy pregnancy snack as it has the right amount of protein, calcium, and other important nutrients.

Sweet Potato Chips

When you feel like munching on some crunchy stuff then grate sweet potato into thin slices. Next coat them with a bit of cinnamon and sugar. Later bake them for 1 hour at approximately 250 degree. Home made potato chips are lower in sodium and fat when compared to regular chips available in the market.


Mangoes are sweet and tasty snacks that are packed with nutrients, including vitamins A and C. If you crave for something sweet, eat mangoes because they are nutritious and a great source of fiber. Their vitamin C content increases their antioxidant properties, which help support the immune system and help build and repair tissues.

Watermelon Split

Watermelon split is a perfect treat for warm weather. Try to add low-fat vanilla yogurt, berries, bananas, and grapes. Next try to top it up with nuts like almonds or walnuts. This is a perfect healthy pregnancy diet as it is without calories, fat, and sugar.

Granola Pops

Make your own healthy granola pops by blending 10 oz fruits with 2 cups low-fat yogurt until smooth. Add 1/3 cup granola and pour into popsicle molds. Stick them into the freezer for at least 6 hours and enjoy! Aside from calcium, which supports your baby’s bone and muscle growth, yogurt contains friendly bacteria, which can help prevent yeast infection.

Apple with Cheese

Apple with Cheese

Apple with Cheese

Eating organic fruits such as apples is a great way to increase your intake of fiber. Apples contain insoluble fiber that helps prevent constipation, as well as soluble fiber, which lowers cholesterol in the blood. Fibers also keep you full. For a more delicious and nutritious snack, add some cheese, which contains a lot of protein and calcium.

Hard Boiled Eggs

This is completely fortified in high protein; hard boiled eggs are a perfect snack when you are on the go. This snack is good for foetal brain and nervous system development.