Dark circles can very well predict a lot of problems pertaining to your health. You can easily get rid of them at your home by following some simple steps. Here are the top 7 ways to get rid of those dark circles.

Eyes are a major attraction of your face and if it is covered with dark circles, the beauty is lost as the face looks dull and tired. Insufficient sleep, hereditary trait, dehydration, unhealthy diet, allergies, poor blood circulation, lack of nutrition, kidney or liver problems are common causes behind getting dark circles.

Dark circles can very well predict a lot of problems pertaining to your health. Occurrence of these dark patches may show you ill, tired, unhealthy and bit older, even if you are not. Dark circles can occur due to thyroid, growing age, prolonged crying, working too much on computers, lack of sleep and unhealthy diet. Dark circles’ formation is not a very serious problem to worry about as this is a fairly common skin problem. You can easily get rid of them at your home by following some simple steps. Here are the top 7 ways to get rid of those dark circles.

Nutritious diet

Foods Reduce Dark Circles

Foods Reduce Dark Circles

Eating healthy seasonal fruits like bananas, mangoes, oranges and strawberries, salads, yogurt, tomatoes, dairy products, beans, sprouts, legumes, and grains may help you to fix those panda-like eyes. Have a diet which is rich in vitamin A, C and E. Try to reduce the salt content, as it is an absorbing agent so it may be highly responsible for the acidic content and puffiness near eyes. Don’t scratch your under eye portion too much. If itching persists for a longer duration, then move your fingers lightly onto your under eye skin. If you are a regular smoker then you need to immediately quit smoking and cut down on that consumption of caffeine.

Green Tea

People who often have to work with computers should drink green tea to add nutrients to eliminate dark circles caused by computer’s radiation. Green tea contains polyphenol. Drinking lots of green tea not only eliminates dark circles but also helps fat metabolism and dispels the fatigues.


In addition to vitamin E, vitamin A also helps nourish eyeball and eye muscles. Carrot is the best choice to increase the amount of vitamin A. It can maintain the normal function of the epithelial cells and fade dark circles under the eyes. In addition, the vitamin A in carrots can also help improve eyesight, particularly eyesight in the dark. There are many other foods that contain lots of vitamin A, such as animal liver, cream, apricot…They are very good for the eyes.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is the easiest solution to every skin problem. Water acts as a cooling agent. It is essential and good for our health. Drinking 10-11 glasses of water daily maintains the moisture in our skin and maintains the pH content of the body. Drinking plenty of water keeps the eye region looking firm and stress free.

Using Cucumber

Cucumber has higher water level. Using its slices as eye pads is the quickest and Easiest remedy to get rid of dark circles. Keep the cucumber inside the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Take it out and cut two thin slices of cucumber and keep them on your eyes for about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, you may take a short nap or play on your favorite song and relax. Use it when you are free at least twice a day for a week and see the dark circles getting lighter and smoother.

Vitamin E Rich food

Vitamin E Rich food

Vitamin E

Vitamin E rich diet helps to regulate vitamin A in the body. Like vitamin C, it also fights against free radicals which spoil the glow of the skin. By including vitamin E rich food in your diet, you can protect the skin from tanning, pollution, dust and side effects of medications. Spinach, taro root, asparagus, avocado, olives, kiwi, mango, corn, sunflower seeds are few vitamin E rich food.

Raw Potatoes and Tomatoes

Raw potatoes are known for their natural bleaching effects which can easily fix those raccoon like eyes and help you to lighten your dark circles and get rid of puffy eyes. Tomatoes are also a good source for skin to get lighten to a greater extent. Make a mixture by adding 1 tablespoon of tomato juice and ½ tbsp lemon juice, and massage for 15 minutes. Repeat the process daily for few weeks and you can get rid of dark circles.