Summer time means plenty of fresh ingredients and crisp light meals. Here is the list of some healthy summer fruit and vegetable choices for you to try over the next 3-4 months.

Summer is at its top, everyone wants to enjoy the hot weather without having any health problems. Some of the problem faced in summer such as sun damage, dehydration and food poisoning. Food plays an important role in summer. But with a few natural healthy summer foods you can enjoy the summer without any health related problems.

This summer season can really get tiresome especially if you are that kind of a person who wants to stay on a strict diet and follow a healthy sports regime. For most athletics, there comes this problem of unhealthy eating where it is very essential for them to eat right as they burn those calories by every move they make. Below is a list of healthy summer fruit and vegetable choices for you to try over the next 3-4 months:

Healthy Summer Foods

Healthy Summer Foods

Summer Fruits

Fruits added to your diet is the healthy way to stay fit and energetic. The common summer fruits are watermelon and pineapple which have a higher water content thus not keeping you dehydrated. Binge on these two summer fruits this summer season to gain that extra glow on your face as well as add on to that energy chart to build stronger muscles. Other citrus fruits like that of lemons and oranges are also good for health.


If you must know that its not only summer fruits to beat the heat this summer season because consumption of vegetables like that of cucumber and fresh greens help your system to feel cool and light. The other kinds of summer food to eat are that of vegetables salads containing more of cucumber and chickpeas which is eventually good for the digestive system. If you are diet and weight conscious switch to vegetables like spinach and cabbage which help one to reduce weight.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits like dates, frozen grapes balance the lack of nutrition and prevent from spreading diseases. Dates are rich in protein, iron, fiber, calcium and vitamins. It protects your eyes and skin from sun damage and keeps them healthy. It is good for total body strengthen. So add dates in your food and keep you young and healthy. Frozen grapes is good for digestive problems. It avoid tiredness caused by lack of nutrition and very important for athletes.

Butter milk

Buttermilk is one of the good choices for summer. Avoid Coffee and Tea by adding butter milk as an alternate is good for health. It is easily digest and cool your total body. Buttermilk is rich in vitamin c. It cures ulcers, indigestion and other stomach related problems. And finally buttermilk is best food for healthy skin.


Eating healthy is the way to go this summer season with the summer foods keeping you active to sweat out more. Without any added flavors, drink up natural fruit juice or vegetable juice like cabbage or cucumber to give you that feeling of relief from the heat. Mixed fruit juice or salad juice is also beneficial for your health.


Vegetable salads with lots of low fat, low calorie, high water content goodies like Cucumber, tomato, carrot and onion are easy to make, don’t require cooking. Eat salad after lunch is good for health. They are rich source of fiber for the body which is great for digestion and also reduce cholesterol levels. The result is consuming fewer calories, feel full and cool.

Summer Fruits and Vegetable

Summer Fruits and Vegetable

Tender Coconut Water

Tender Coconut Water is one of the important summer foods. Drink tender coconut water empty stomach in early morning during summer prevent your lungs, eyes, kidney and blood circulation from heat. It contains sodium and chlorine salt is good for blood purification. Tender Coconut Water makes you brisk and energetic because it rich in potassium and magnesium.


A summer food to make you feel so good about yourself. Though weight watchers think a million times to have a smoothie , you can easily beat the heat with the different flavored drinks. Many may not know that smoothies have minerals, proteins and fibers which are good for all health purposes. So drink up a nice cold smoothie and don’t think twice about putting on weight.