You are your best ally with regards to building and maintaining strong, healthy bones.

Bones are made of calcium, and the best way to keep the bones strong is to get enough calcium from food every day. What you eat plays an important role in managing your bone health. Specifically, consuming adequate levels of calcium and vitamin D is essential for strong bones. Magnesium and vitamin K will also be important for bone health.

Foods for Healthy Bone You are your best ally with regards to building and maintaining strong, healthy bones. But you likewise need vitamin D because it helps your body absorb the calcium in food. Other vitamins and nutrients will also be essential to strong bones, so a healthy, well-rounded diet is essential.

It’s simple to think of bone as a solid mass, much more actual fact it’s a living tissue that’s constantly being renewed – along with the new bone, and out with that old.

Foods for Healthy Bone

In many ways, you are what you eat. Ninety-nine percent your body’s calcium is within your bones. Additionally, half of your body’s magnesium also is important in keeping bones sturdy can be found in your bones. Finally, without proper intake of vitamins D and K, your bones would not be able to efficiently absorb calcium. Eat lots of foods that contain these nutrients to maintain the health of the skeletal system.


Most people get their vitamin D through contact with sunlight, but certain foods, like yogurt, are fortified with vitamin D.Single serving of yogurt can be a creamy method of getting your daily calcium. Stonyfield Farms makes a fat-free plain yogurt which contains 30% of your calcium and 20% of your vitamin D during the day.


These tiny fish, often present in cans, have surprisingly high amounts of both vitamin D and calcium. Though they might look a bit odd, there is a savory taste that can be delicious in pastas and salads.


Half a mug of tofu has 250mg of calcium to help your bones, giving a boost of calcium to the people that have lactose-intolerance or those that avoid eating animal products.


Think of bone-building minerals and calcium first involves mind. Our skeleton is largely made from calcium, but other minerals play a vital role too. In fact, 50% from the body’s magnesium resides in our bones.

Calcium-fortified soy milk

This type of soy milk doesn’t have lactose, making it a great option for the ones that suffer from lactose-intolerance. It also has 300mg of calcium.

Collard greens

Single serving of this vegetable has almost 350mg of calcium for the bones, better than a glass of milk! Foods like collard greens and broccoli reveal that you don’t just need dairy foods to improve the chances of healthy bones.

Healthy Bone

Healthy Bone


Though eggs only contain 6% of the daily vitamin D, they’re a quick and easy method of getting it. Just don’t opt for egg whites-they may cut calories, however the vitamin D is in the yolk.


There’s a reason milk is the poster child for calcium. Eight ounces of fat-free milk can cost you 90 calories, but provide you with 30% of the daily dose of calcium. Choose a brandname fortified with vitamin D to get double the amount benefits.


Cheese is a great supply of calcium for your bones and can be used in cooking, on the salad, with crackers, or enjoyed alone. Different varieties of cheeses have differing levels of calcium so be sure to check the nutritional information.